International Conference - Lille, France (3-5 July 2019)

Envisioning the Economy of the Future, and the Future of Political Economy

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You are going to submit a proposal and/or a panel to the international AFEP-IIPPE Conference, in association with ADEK, AHE and EAEP. Each proposal has to be submit to one organization. However, the differente organizations will organize sessions in common.

Deadline for proposals for individual papers and panels:  January 29, 2019

Deadline for proposals for panels: March, 31, 2019

Notifications of accepted proposals will be sent to the authors by February 28, 2019

Full papers are expected by May 30, 2019 and will be put online. But this is optional.


Two types of submissions are possible:

A) Communication.

B) Panel.


A) Paper submission (deadline: January, 29, 2019)

Each paper (including ones part of proposed panels – see below) has to be submitted to one of the five organisations (AFEP, IIPPE, ADEK, AHE, EAEPE) by choosing one of the five categories:

1) AFEP Paper.

2) IIPPE Paper.

3) ADEK Paper.

4) AHE Paper.

5) EAEPE Paper.

To submit a paper, please visit this page.


B) Panel submission (deadline: March, 31, 2019)

To propose a panel, please write directly to the organisation you are interested in (and for IIPPE indicate the intended Working Group):

- AFEP, ADEK, AHE, EAEPE : afep-iippe2019-panels@sciencesconf.org

- IIPPE : od1@soas.ac.uk


To submit a closed panel or a network (= several panels). The panel is under the responsability of a facilitator who presents a complete programme with all the communications (3 to 5 paper by panel). The facilitator submits to the organitional committee the panel, with titles and abstracts. A abstract about the panel is needed (2000 characters max.), as the list of participants with one abstract each.

To submit a opened panel or network. A semi-completed programme is proposed. It has a call of papers to complete the panel. Ideally it is written both in French and English. It shouldn't be longer than 5000 characters.


In case of question, please send us a message to afep-iippe2019-depots@sciencesconf.org

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