International Conference - Lille, France (3-5 July 2019)

Envisioning the Economy of the Future, and the Future of Political Economy

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Dear Ph.D. students,


Following its previous editions, the 2019 AFEP Congress, which is part of the AFEP-IIPPE international symposium, will begin with a doctoral day, organized by and dedicated to the Ph.D. students. It will be an opportunity for us all to discuss specific issues and challenges facing Ph.D. students in their research and academic implications, either in political economy in particular or in social sciences in general. The originality of this edition is that it will be shared with our colleagues of the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE).

Schedule presentation

The day will be divided into two periods: while each organization will organize its own session in the morning, the afternoon will be organized around common sessions.

After greeting the participants, the morning will be dedicated to two parallel sessions, respecting each organization own traditions. There will be: (i) a session entitled “Institutional issues and challenges of Ph.D. research”, (in French), organized by AFEP, and (ii) a session entitled “Theoretical/empirical issues” (in English) organized by IIPPE. Both sessions are open to all participants, regardless of their affiliation. The AFEP session, organized by AFEP’s PhD students, will be dedicated both to presenting the AFEP association and discussing together on current issues: what is the future of PhD thesis in social sciences (particularly in political economy) in a context of constraints convergence with physical sciences (duration, publication, …), what place for PhD students in the AFEP’s action under this context etc. The IIPPE session will be led by Simon Mohun. Doctoral students often have a good grasp of Marxist theory but experience considerable difficulty in applying the theory empirically. This session will explore the difficulties involved in the application of 'high' theory, and suggest ways in which theory and application might be more fruitfully combined.


The afternoon will be dedicated to parallel workshops, both in French & English, open to all participants regardless of their affiliation. The aim is for participants to discuss, in small groups with two or three researchers (AFEP and/or IIPPE), on questions and difficulties encountered while researching on their thesis subject. Two formats will successively be held: 1) thematic workshops, which allows discussing different ways to get into a common research theme, different theoretical frameworks that can be used; 2) methodological workshops, which allows discussing issues of common methods to approach a variety of research objects.

The end of the afternoon will close the day by an exchange (together with IIPPE Ph.D. students) about economic imperialism and pluralism in social sciences.

planning doctoral day



Presentations during the workshops 


We offer to organize workshops with a small number of participants during the afternoon, both around common themes and around common methodologies. Two or three researchers will head each workshop.


This call for presentation is not only addressed to Ph.D. students in political economy but also extend to all Ph.D. students in social sciences (sociology, history, geography…) willing to engage a discussion with political economy approaches within their Ph.D. research.


We let each participant choose in which language (French or English) they want to use for their presentation.


We know that Ph.D. students from different countries and with different research field will be there and we want to create consistent workshops. Therefore, we suggest that you return two documents according to the following instructions and calendar:  


 (i) A short presentation: a 1-page document (in attachment) explaining who you are, what your thesis is about in a summary. This presentation has to be forwarded by the 15th of March 2019.


(ii) A complimentary presentation: a 4-page detailed version of the thesis in order to ease further discussions with the participants of your groups during the workshops. This longer presentation has to be sent by early June


Aforementioned documents have to be sent by email (at doctoriales.afep2019@gmail.com), as PDF files, with file titles and email subject is as follows: NAME-proposition-doctorialesAFEP2019 for the first document and NAME-complement-doctorialesAFEP2019 for the second.


Projected schedule of the day July 2, 2019


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